March 19-20 / 2018
Co-founder & Director

Celina Lazarus

Celina Lazarus is the co-founder and director of First Crop Coffee, an ethical green coffee trading company based on philanthropic values, and Maillard Atelier, a co-roasting space focused on educating and supporting small batch roasters in Melbourne. She has started, and continues to be involved in, projects in Colombia and Guatemala focused on empowering women farmers through education and providing them access to resources to increase their livelihood with quality, yields and living conditions.

Through her businesses she is able to build and fund schools and health centres in the coffee communities she works with. Her work in the Australian business community has earned her a Business Woman of the Year Award in 2017, and she is named as one of 80 women worldwide on the Women2watch list for 2018.

She is a former Victorian Brewers Cup runner up who now mentors competitors and offers support for others starting out in business. She has a heart for people, and providing for those less fortunate than herself will always take priority.



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